Both scientists and artists contribute to the society. Who do you think makes more contributions? Discuss a couple of reasons.

Both scientists and artists contribute to the society. Who do you think makes more contributions?Discuss a couple of reasons.

Jane Chyun


Scientists and artists are the two kinds of people play essential role in our society. They both contribute to the society by inventing things or drawing something creative for us and enrich our life both materially and spiritually. This is why young children are required to learn both subjects and are required to learn both subjects at school regardless of their future dreams.  However, I think that scientists’ influence in the society is greater than the artists’ because science can bring about technolgical improvements and provide solutions to the society’s problems.

Firstly, I think that artists only have effects on human mind or emotion but not really on society. It is true that their art works are only used to cultivate our mind, even though they sometimes inspire  people to have different perspectives of different topics. However, artists don’t have as significant effects as scientific inventions which are closely related to our quality of life. For example, the colors that are used in art are for expressing the emotions or beauties that affects human mind but not much on society. These art works help people release their stress or give comforts to people in their house or in the galleries, but not create economic wealth needed to improve general social welfare. Moreover, science requires more in depth knowledge and comprehensive research than art does.

Secondly, we must not forget that almost everything item we use today from small to big is of the contribution of scientists. Imagine Some examples of technologies are light, television, computer,automobile,airplane which make our lives easier and comfortable. On the other hand, without the contribution of artists such as pictures or pieces, we can still live. We can experience this by supposing that there is no electricity,which is one of the contributions of scientists, our life will be totally different and almost all the activities can not be done. We have to live in dark during night and we can not use computer and watch TV. Moreover, Science can identifies social problems and seeks the signifcant solutions of the society’s problems that are necessary for our lives. These solutions

Even though art mostly affects human lives and nature , less impacting on the improvement of society than science, art and science are both necessary for our live. However, in competitive society, people need not only inner piece of minds but also means to survive. (greater contributions to the society than artists) Although artists also contribute much to the society and makes our society a better place to live, yet from our real life it seems that the contribution of scientists is valued more. When we consider the fact that many people are dying of starvation in poor countries, what they need is not the inner piece of life but foods.

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  2. I feel that you have undermined how much artists, musicians and actors have helped to shape our culture in the past. They don’t only shape it by the artwork itself but by using the platform that they are given when they attain a high level of appreciation in their field. This often leads to a mass change in morals or interests and eventually effects politics.

    A recent example of this in our soceity is views on homosexuality. It was not too long ago that same sex relationships were greatly shunned. A large part of this movement can be attributed to musicians and actors who have used their platform to present these topics. The GLBTQ community has used parades, artwork, posters, literature, music, and film amongst many other things to bring forth messages. With the large response from the public it has caused quite a political debate. I only use homosexuality as an example, but this can be translated to any other situation.

    I would also like to point out that, atleast in my opinion, using arts as a platform to bring up societal issues is a much healthier way of dealing with things as opposed to methods such as rioting which were commonly used in the past. Rioting only led to more issues and less answers.

    I am not trying to undermine scientists. I know that they are a vital part of our society. I just felt the need to express the importance of artists as well.

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