Live Simply 2 : Chuseok

Live Simply 2 : Chuseok

During this year’s Chuseok break, I went down to Jungseon, Gangwondo to meet ancestors. It is Korea’s ritual to go down to hometown, gather around with relatives and pray to ancestors. Although this chance is a once in a year event that allows me to meet relatives and wish ancestors for luck, I was reluctant to go not only because of the traffic but also because of hiking. I think this is because I am not familiar with rural side’s environment because I only grew up in cities. After driving for about 4 hours, my dad woke me up and told me that we have arrived at Jungseon and that I should go out and greet my relatives. Then, at the restraurant, I had an opportunity to talk to my grandfather about the changes in Korea’s environment. My grandfather is the second oldest of his 5 sons family and he told me that  he and his 4 other brothers went out everyday around his house to play. When I heard this, I imagined 4 brothers all going to PC room and play computer games afterschool or after hagwon. However, this was not the case. As soon as the school ended, he and his brothers all went to mountains or rivers near their house and just spend their time exploring the nature. For instance, he would shower in the waterfall, play hide and seek in the mountains and encounter many animals in nature. After playing entire day outside exploring the nature, he would come back for dinner and go out again, without studying until late an hour till midnight. Also, he told me that there were extremely few buildings and cars that it was rather safe to work around the town and neighbors were very nice that he sometimes felt like his entire town people are his “family”. Moreover, he told me how he and his brothers will fall on a sleep in nature and how he made his own secret place in a mountain to hide stolen snacks from his brothers. I think that all of these experiences pave a way for him to start a job in Pest control company which has now grown up as the best in Korea ; he believes that without his frequent exposure in nature, his success could not have elicited. After listening about his everyday free adventure, I felt how lives back in the days were contrasting to those in modern days. For example, I noticed how these days, children do not spend much of their time in nature because they are focused on education and job that satisfy the expectations of the family. Therefore, it is easy to find children, even in their early ages, grow up with mindset that those who gain knowledge and money are the ones who study more and that it is rather useless to roam around. For instance, I sometimes feel bad and worried about my younger brother in 7th grade checking his powerschool grade every 5 minutes, staying up night with me and asking my mom to make him enroll in more hagwons. Although riding a car for 4 hours was tiresome and climbing up the hills made me feel exhausted, my short conversation with grandpa allowed me to realize that gaining meaningful experience and insights outside is equally significant. Therefore, I discarded my unwilling mindset and started to appreciate this experience as a fortuitous chance for me to have a wider perspective and value a role of nature in my life. This is why I focused on cleaning up the left over trashes after the ritual and I promised myself to seek for sometime in nature since I am one part of it. I believe that this experience is also related to the idea of ‘live simply’ because it illustrates how they can be amazed about how happy our life can become even without lavish and luxurious supports.


Live Simply

Live Simply
Time 8.31.2012
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Humidity 78percent
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“Live Simply so that others will simply live”

I think this quote is saying that just because people are able to afford things, it does not necessarily mean that they can still use up all the resources available. Therefore, people should learn how to share wealth with others because we are all living in a same world. I think that if people live life in a modest way, people can approach world’s issue more effectively and learn to choose their lifestyles carefully. For instance, people can start by taking small steps such as buying and eating food responsibly, reconsidering if the goods or products are really necessary and using energy more efficiently.  Out of all these responsibilities that people can have, I think that saving our natural resources is the most important one because if people all just merely focus on filing up their needs and desires, there will be destroyed ecosystems. Also I believe that if people become simple and humble of their actions,  they can be amazed about how uncomplicated and happy our life can become even without lavish and luxurious supports. Therefore, by choosing our lives more carefully, we can in fact, help others around the world who have a lot less fortunes than we do.(Just as Mr.Boyce mentioned about how 1 million people can not afford corn crops when these are distributed to animals such as pigs and cows.

Mr.Boyce Environmental Science 1. Human Impact

Time 8.16.2012
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humidity 78 percent
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How do you impact the environment?

Reflecting back on today’s experience to the school’s mountain, I felt like I am in a different world because I am very used to city life and materialistic society. During this exploration, I had an opportunity to see bugs,plants and clean air that I were not conscious of, but still are essential elements in my life that are always there for me.

Going back to the original question, I think that humans can both positively and negatively affect the environment. For instance, humans can take efforts in conserving for endangered species, planting trees to restore ecosystems and removing polluted materials. However, some negative impact that humans can cause include pollution of land, oceans and airs and deforestation and destruction of habitats.

I think all these efforts should be taken care of since humans are essential parts of the natural environment who should aim to leave positive change for the planet and take small steps towards going greener.

How to stretch for Cheerleading

If you have future goals of becoming a tumbler or flyer in the team, there’s a lot of physical and mental training that is required. And these trainings are a lot of practice hours you will have to go through in order to do flips, twists or turns. Some people who are very flexible can easily perform these tricks if they work on muscle strength. However people who are not flexible will tend to push their bodies so hard by depending on muscle strength which can lead  injuries. Therefore, it is very important to stretch before these tumbling trainings and not get injured. Also if you do stretches regulary and properly, then you will build up flexibility.

How to do stretch before tumbling

After you have warmed up your body jogging or short stretching. You should stretch your legs, gluts and lower your back by sitting in the pike position. This position is effective because it prepares you for the pike jump and help flyers to get ready for the stunts. After holding this position for about 15 seconds without bouncing, open your legs into a V. However, it is very important to point your toes and switch sides. Also, when you are switching your sides, you should constantly move same legs and arms and go back to the center and hold it for 5 seconds. This workout can help your abdominals and legs to workout.

How to make a New Cheer

There are many cheerleaders who concerns about making a new cheer for their teams. However, I think that this can be done easily if we make the motions and beats simple and sharp. There are few tips that I think will be helpful in creating a good cheer.

Firstly, it is very important to put claps which should be rigid and precise with a repetition. Also, using blades, daggers, buckets and other hand positions can be added to make our movements more sharply. Think about it, if the hands are all over the place, then the movements will not look synchronize when performing with other cheerleaders. For the begininers, this will be hard because without strength or concentration, our arms will tend to relax which cause our hands to become less rigid and not sharp. Also, it is very important to keep your voice low and loud and smile for the whole performance. This is important because if you use your head and light voice then you will hurt your voice later. And if you don’t speak up loudly, then audiences will not be able to hear you. Also, smiling is important because If you look like you are having fun, the crowd will have fun too!

Lastly, your chant can be better if you put your school mascot’s name for few times.


From the tips that  I mentioned above, this is the example cheer that I made and used for my squad.

Hey crowds

watch us and shout for Kaiac

blue and white is back again KIS we are the best

Kaiac has begun and we will be the best

Pheonix fans clap now yell


Blue and White ( Phoenix!)


Blue and White


I made a new cheer for Cheerleading Kaiac 2011. Now it is time for me to make SHARP movements with these cheer and teach my squat 🙂

What is the proper cloth/hair/make up for cheerleading?

Although this is the good costume for bad minton, I think that this cloth also applies for cheerleading. I think that during practice, cheerleaders should wear clothes and hair that are comfortable. For example, cheerleaders should wear shirts, short pants and a tightly tied hair. This is important because when we do tumblings or stunts, not proper apperances might hurt us. For example, with an untied long hair, bases of the stunts can pull it down or hurt it in some bad ways. Also, shirts are neccessary because we might get warm during the practices and long sleeves will be uncomfortable if we are dancing or stunting because flyer can slip off the bases’ hands. Also, flyers should and must wear short pants because long pants prevent bases or backspot from grabbing their ankles and people can’t see the problem when they are up in the air. For example, hight differenences or wrong timings of the bases must be fix by the front spot or the flyer who need to see or show their position of legs.

I found a video in youtube about one girl tutoring about the proper customes for practices which I think it is very helpful.

Cheerleading Uniforms

This is the collection of cheerleading uniforms that people can design and order for themselves. Out of all of them I like the last colum ones but it is important to know that cheerleading is not only for the outside- looks but the uniforms should consider the comfort

This is the raincoat that is for cheerleading. I think that this cloth will be nice on rainy day where cheerleaders have away games. However, this cloth is more for the cheerleaders who cheer for footballgames because those games are held in soccer field. But I think that this raincoat may be suitable for basketball games because normally we will have to wear uniforms and stay for 4 or more hours while riding buses and moving to other schools. For me who gets cold especially uniforms because they are skirts and tight tops.